Relax and sport in the Marche hills


The historic tourist accommodation facility in Filottrano (Hotel Settecolli) closes its doors in May 2018.
The Polisportiva Filottrano Pallavolo, which in recent years has reached the top of the Italian championships, playing with its first team in the A1 Women's Series Championship, tries to make a new experiment: transforming the structure into a residence for girls who play both in the first team, both in the youth championships and who come from various parts of Italy and also from abroad.
In the first months of activity we host players from Japan, the United States of America, Taiwan, Slovenia, and various parts of Italy, aged from 14, promoting a fantastic new experience of life together.

All the management staff of the Company are working hard to promote integration and all possible comforts.

Polisportiva Filottrano Pallavolo SSDRL - Via Gemme, 13 - 60024 FILOTTRANO (AN)
Tel. 071.9205655 - e-mail:
P.IVA 00799210422 - Privacy

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